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My client needs multiple items with the same SKU. She use to be on Ecwid, and she said they allowed this, and also an "Item Number" to distinguish between different products with the same SKU.

She doesn't want them to be variations. She wants her customers to find them separately, and not to have to select them as variations of the same product, hence my dilemma.

I've built the whole site and she is uploading products now. She just told me about this need, and she's launching Friday (day after tomorrow). So it's urgent.

I haven't found any extensions or other ways to do this. I've even considered not using SKU's at all, and adding an SKU as an attribute. The only problem with this is that she wants the SKU to show on the customers receipt, but attributes don't.

Any ideas, than putting her SKU's in that actual Product Names?

Thanks, Rob

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Nothing that stops you from printing your 'attribute' SKU in the receipt! I don't see why someone would want to have the same SKU for different products though, isn't the point of an SKU that it's a unique identifier of the product? (btw, it doesn't help to say it's urgent if you're asking for free support). –  Ewout Mar 27 '13 at 22:19
She said having multiple items with the same SKU has something to do with her accounting method. I've never heard of it, either. Regarding it being urgent, heck, I'd pay someone to fix it for me, so it doesn't have to be free support. And could you share a link on how to add an atribute (that is not a variable) to the receipt. By default (at least in the theme I'm using) the receipt only shows attributes that are used as variables. Thanks, Rob –  Rob Mar 28 '13 at 1:57
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WooCommerce doesn't accept one SKU to be used for multiple products, and I think that makes perfect sense, because an SKU is meant to be a unique identifier.

The easiest method would be to print the custom 'attribute' SKU on the receipt. See http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/a/90698/26106 how you can print the custom field. The same principle applies to the cart page of course.

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Ewout,Thanks for the info. I knew it was a weird request she had, and after talking more to her about it, it stems from some accounting advice she got from someone and her use of Ecwid, which auto-generated "SKU's" for her products, and then she entered her own "Item Numbers". But I the SKU were something ecwid assignes to all of their users products to keep them unique in their database. But then when the user adds the item number, they have effectively created a unique SKU for each product. So I advised her to just add 2 identifiying characters to each of products so her SKUs can be unique –  Rob Mar 28 '13 at 15:41
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Apparently same sku for same items is not unheard. Was baffled by DOBA as I was loading products by csv of inventory setup by client and some of those products have same sku with a different Product ID. Needless to say the importer would not load them. Appending characters to the sku in the csv file did the trick. If it's a real chore, an excel script can be written.

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