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I built a few static pages in HTML while I was practicing some techniques. I would like to include those pages (and that hard work) in a word press site.

I have already created the WP page that hold the 6 items that I want to use as links to my work. I would like to link to another spot on my server or site that will then display the already-created sites and or pages. (some of my work is a complete site some of it is single-page).

  • Can I even do this?
  • Do I have to change all my already-created HTML files to PHP?
  • Can I link to static HTML sites? (that would be ideal)
  • I have tried copying and pasting the straight HTML from the pages into the text editor on the WP page, nothing happened.

Thanks for your help,


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I would suggest making your own page template.

Start by moving the files into your WordPress theme folder, and giving them a name. Like page-foo.php, page-bar.php, so on.

Then on the top of these new files add PHP like the below, changing the Template Name to something that makes sense to you.

    Template Name: Foo

Then place your code under this header.

Go into WordPress wp-admin, go to Pages and add a new page. Then on the right under the Page Attributes widget, select the Template name that corresponds with your content that you want to display for that page.

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Great, thanks Pat. That was the direction I was leaning. For all of my pages I am going to just make a template page. Do you think that it is ok to just make a template for each new type of specific page? If I want to make a hundred individual pages is that still ok? Performance wise. I can't think of any reasons why not. – Josh Smith Mar 26 '13 at 4:46
I don't think it'll add to much overhead if you made 100 separate template files since wordpress will only call that file when its needed. It might make you go a little crazy though having that much to manage. PHP is supposed to make things easier, not harder (although some developers would disagree) :) – Pat Mar 26 '13 at 12:16

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