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Does anyone know a way to make the price of a second item different from the first in WooCommerce? I tried setting up the product so the first item was $245, second is an additional $150. I used variations and added $150 to each additional variation option. This works fine if users snag their item from the drop-down menu. However, if they up the number manually below the drop down or in the cart (using the arrows), it makes every item $245. Is there a clever way to fix this? This is visible on: http://cope24.com/shop/cope24-parenting-skill-program/ Thanks!

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Not a standard option, there's a plugin for that: Dynamic Pricing

Alternatively, you can hide the quantity buttons:

div.quantity {
display: none !important;

or disable it entirely:

function woocommerce_quantity_input() {}

though both these alternative solutions do this for your entire shop.

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Turns out my solution was even easier. Since we are only selling via Paypal I don't need ANY cart or additional plugins. Scrapped the whole lot, built the buttons with my variable prices in the PayPal button maker and pasted them in. Free and easy!

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