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I know there are a ton of post out there about how to allow html in profiles. Most of these warn about the security risk of doing so. My thinking is there has to be a way to only allow users to use html for certain users. I tried this but It doesn't work. I think it's because you can't remove a filter from inside a filter. Any help would be awesome.

add_action('edit user profile update', 'nifty_strip_html');

 function nifty_strip_html($user_id) {
     if ($user_id == 2){
        //if user id is 2 then allow html
        remove_filter('pre_user_description', 'wp_filter_kses');

            return; //keep the filtered html
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You could try this for all users: wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/21326/… – birgire Mar 20 '13 at 10:35
@birgire Yeah I know, but I'd rather just be on the safe side – BandonRandon Mar 20 '13 at 18:14
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You can hook on an early action and apply the filter for your use case:

add_action( 'load-profile.php', 'allow_profile_html_wpse_91564' );

function allow_profile_html_wpse_91564()
    global $current_user;
    if( '2' == $current_user->ID )
        remove_filter('pre_user_description', 'wp_filter_kses');

The hook load-$pagenow runs in all default admin pages (i.e., not added by a third party), and it's declared in the file /wp-admin/admin.php.

$pagenow is the PHP page running at a given moment. So, to target the page /wp-admin/user-edit.php?user_id=2, another hook is needed and also another conditional checking:

add_action( 'load-user-edit.php', 'callback_function' );

function allow_user_html_wpse_91564()
    if( isset( $_REQUEST['user_id'] ) && '2' == $_REQUEST['user_id'] )
        remove_filter( 'pre_user_description', 'wp_filter_kses' );    
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That didn't seem to work. What page is load-profile.php? I'm trying to edit the user inside of the admin so i tried to change the hook to edit-user.php but still didn't work. – BandonRandon Mar 24 '13 at 1:02
Updated the answer, my first example was only for the profile page. And, for editing an user, another conditional is needed. – brasofilo Mar 24 '13 at 11:11

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