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I have several images of UI forms and tasks, that are quite large. I would like to display a smaller, 'thumbnail' image snf give the user an option to 'Click to Enlarge', and then display the fill size image in either a pop-up or separate window or tab. I pop-ups are frowned upon, but this is a decision I must still make.

How would I go about this? Where would I place the JavaScript that loads the full size image and opens a new window?

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What have you researched/found/tried? Sounds to me like you're looking for thickbox/lightbox. WordPress has Thickbox built in, a simple google should produce the information you need. – t31os May 14 '13 at 9:44

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You should use a lightbox for this. Try this one. It works well

There are instructions on how to use it and documentation on how to get it working. The download will also contain samples and you can just copy and paste the code.

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