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As it is, WordPress displays by default all the pages/posts in the pages/posts list in the admin area, no matter what their publishing status is.

I have a lot of drafts, but usually I'm much more interested in editing the published pages/posts, therefore getting only to display them requires another click and full reload.

Is there a way to set WordPress to initially display only published posts/pages, allowing you to click on "All" or "Draft" if you later want to?

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Anyone? I was told several times recently that if you want to get quick answers re WordPress - StackExchange is the place to go... Any answer would be appreciated - thanks. –  yudayuda Mar 21 '13 at 11:30

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I'm not sure if there's another way, but manipulating the global variable $submenu can make this work.

The following is just a manual hack (I'm not aware of any hook) and may fail on non-standard submenus set ups. The regular Post post type has a unique address and the rest of types has another one, hence two foreachs.

add_action( 'admin_menu', 'default_published_wpse_91299' );

function default_published_wpse_91299() 
    global $submenu;

    // POSTS
    foreach( $submenu['edit.php'] as $key => $value )
        if( in_array( 'edit.php', $value ) )
            $submenu['edit.php'][ $key ][2] = 'edit.php?post_status=publish&post_type=post';

    $cpt = array( 'page', 'portfolio' ); // <--- remove or adapt the portfolio post type
    foreach( $cpt as $pt )
        foreach( $submenu[ 'edit.php?post_type=' . $pt ] as $key => $value )
            if( in_array( 'edit.php?post_type=' . $pt, $value ) )
                $submenu[ 'edit.php?post_type='.$pt ][ $key ][2] = 'edit.php?post_status=publish&post_type=' . $pt;
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