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I have a custom post type and used get_next_post() and get_previous_post() to create a simple pagination. However i need to create a pagination loop (if that is the correct term). If i'm on the first post i need to browse back to the last post and if i'm on the last post i need to browse to the first post. Is there a simple way to do this that i haven't seen but Google, this site and the codex has not been very helpfull :/

The current code i have is. I've tried to use wp_list_pages and other functions but with little luck.

$next_post = get_next_post();
$prev_post = get_previous_post();
$nav = array(
    "next_post" => array(
        "url"       => get_permalink($next_post->ID),
        "id"        => $next_post->ID,
        "titill"    => get_field("vinstri_titill", $next_post->ID)." - ".get_field("vinstri_undirtitill", $next_post->ID)
    "prev_post" => array(
        "url"       => get_permalink($prev_post->ID),
        "id"        => $prev_post->ID,
        "titill"    => get_field("vinstri_titill", $prev_post->ID)." - ".get_field("vinstri_undirtitill", $prev_post->ID)
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Here is one idea for the previous post circle:

$next_post = get_next_post();
$prev_post = get_previous_post_circle();

where we have defined this function:

function get_previous_post_circle($in_same_cat = false, $excluded_categories = ''){
    $prev_post = get_previous_post($in_same_cat,$excluded_categories);
        return $prev_post;
        $prev_post = get_previous_post($in_same_cat,$excluded_categories);
            return $prev_post;
            return '';

and the filter function to remove the specific date comparison:

function custom_get_previous_post_where($where){
    $where=" WHERE ".implode(" AND ",array_slice(explode("AND",$where),1));
    return $where;

The aim is to emulate the get_previous_post() function with the same input parameters, but you could of course play with get_post() in your code instead to create the closed loop.

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Genius! Works perfectly. Takk fyrir :) – dansige Mar 18 '13 at 21:46
Good luck with your project ... og bestu kveðjur norður ;-) – birgire Mar 19 '13 at 4:06

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