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I created two custom taxonomies. I created them using identical code and then finding and replacing the "name" with "name2".

I've then looked at the post type page and there are two tag boxes to choose tags in.

However, one div is called "namediv" and the other is "tagdiv-name2".

This would suggest that one is a category and one is a taxonomy.

I know that categories are kind of a taxonomy, but why is my custom taxonomy taking the form of a category?



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WordPress uses the category-style meta box to handle hierarchical => true taxonomies and the post tags meta box for "flat" taxonomies. The CSS in the admin UI is just ... "grown", so names like those don't change until they really need to. category and post_tag btw are just names for _builtin => true taxonomies.

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Ah - I'd assumed they shared a root, but hadn't looked into it. Cheers for the sharp and perfect answer :) – Simon Forster Mar 14 '13 at 15:33

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