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I am working on site. I uses some custom error/success messages for front end form but currently it display messages to on same page, But as soon as I refresh the page or redirect the user to next page messages not save. To save the success messages I use the code

$success = __('You have successfully Login.', 'frontendprofile');

And for the error messages I use the default varible that is $error. How can save them the for next page or for when if I refresh the page?

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You could save the messages in a $_SESSION variable. This way, the values will be preserved untill you decide to remove them again.

function save_message( $type, $message = '' ) {
    $_SESSION['messages'][$type] = $message;

function get_messages() {
    $return = '';

    if ( isset( $_SESSION['messages'] ) && is_array( $_SESSION['messages'] ) ) {
        foreach( $_SESSION['messages'] as $type => $message ) {
            $return .= sprintf( '<p class="%1$s">%2$s</p>', $type, $message );

    if ( strlen( $return ) > 0 )
        return $return;

    return false;

function clean_messages( $type = false ) {
    if ( ! $type )
        $_SESSION['messages'] = array();

        unset( $_SESSION['messages'][$type];

Something like this.
You can use it like follows:

save_message( 'success', __( 'You have successfully Login.', 'frontendprofile' ) );

if ( $messages = get_messages() ) {
    echo $messages;

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