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I have used Jigoshop plugin in my wordpress Ecommerce website. I have an issue. When i add the product to the cart after logged in as any user, it works fine. But when i add a product to cart before login it is not adding product to the cart.

Actually this problem occurs only in live server, But when i check this plugin in my localhost, It is working fine. Please assist me. Thanks in advance

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Any idea how we could ever answer that one with that information? Sorry, but that won't work out. –  kaiser Mar 13 '13 at 14:24
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This usually indicates a problem with your hosting service and PHP sessions which Jigoshop is dependant on.

If you check Admin->Jigoshop->System Info ... what is the 'session save path' set to?

It should be something like /tmp although it could be something else.

It should not be /var/lib/php5 or anything like that.

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