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So I have a custom field on the author page, where a user uploads a image which will be used as a background image on their author page. I've setup up everything except I'm not sure how to setup a conditional to display a default image when the user hasn't upload his/her own image.

The custom $curauth-> field is called user_banner.

So basically:

[if user_banner]

The image would be displayed here.


The default image would go here.


Any ideas?

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A combination of get_queried_object_id to fetch the current user ID and get_user_meta to retrieve the banner should do the trick.

// somewhere in your theme's author.php

if ($img = get_user_meta(get_queried_object_id(), 'user_banner', true)) {
   // they uploaded an image, use it
} else {
   // they did not upload the image, show the default
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