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How would I edit the following code, so that only 2 of the posts are echoed instead of 3


                            global $more; $more = false; # some wordpress wtf logic

                            $num_of_posts = $wp_query->post_count;

                            $current = -1;

                                $cat_id = get_cat_ID(single_cat_title('', false));
                                    $query_string.= '&cat='.$cat_id;


                            if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post(); $current++


                            <?php if($current == 0) { ?>
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You just have to check/count how many posts you alreay handled.

$num_post = 1;
while ( have_posts() && ($num_post++ < 3) ) : ...
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The WP_Query class has several methods that push various information to the resulting $wp_query object:

  • $wp_query->found_posts shows the total number of posts
  • $wp_query->numberposts the same, but it's deprecated (still works)
  • $wp_query->posts_per_page if you got a paged query, you can see how many per page you want to display
  • $wp_query->current_post is the currently looped through post

So if you want to abort, simply go and

if ( 3 < $wp_query->current_post )

to stop the rest of the loop.

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Another option would be to jump in use the post_limits filter. The following example summed up as mini-plugin or mu-plugin.

/* Plugin Name: (#90428) Posts Limit */
add_filter( 'post_limits', 'wpse90428_post_limits' );
function wpse90428_post_limits( $limit )
    if ( is_archive() )
        return 'LIMIT 0, 2';

    return $limit;

You could as well go further and set it during the parse_request (earlier) or pre_get_posts filter.

/* Plugin Name: (#90428) Posts Limit */
add_filter( 'parse_requests', 'wpse90428_post_limits' );
function wpse90428_post_limits( $query )
    if ( $query->is_archive() )
        $query->set( 'posts_per_page', 3 );

    return $query;

You'll just have to tweak this to your needs.

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