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<h1><?php the_category(' &bull; '); ?> » <a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>" class="my-title-class"><?php the_title(); ?></a></h1>

How to add class="my-category-class" to the links, produces by the_category function?

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You can use the_category filter to hook a callback function like this:


function add_class_to_category( $thelist, $separator, $parents){
    $class_to_add = 'my-category-class';
    return str_replace('<a href="', 'class="'. $class_to_add. '" <a href="', $thelist);
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Pick your choice:

  • style categories by already existing CSS definition: .post-categories a {YOUR_STYLE_HERE};
  • use jQuery to add your class: $("link-categories a").addClass("my-category-class");;
  • write your own function to echo categories with your own classes/attributes.
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As a beginner I would try creating my function, that I would call instead of the_category();

function my_category_func($sep, $classname)
        $output = null;
        $output = '<div class="$classname">'.the_category( $sep ).'</div>';
        return $output;

I believe this could be done more professionally, including all the variables, but I'd go this way for starters ;)

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