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I am creating a plugin that users can create forms with. Then the user will be able to input a shortcode to display this form. The shortcode will be the form name, which is stored as a meta_value in the wp_postmeta table. When the user uses a shortcode, how do I refer back to the form name & display the form?

When the user creates a form, should I automatically create a shortcode in the same script? How would you approach it?

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You could use it like

[form id="abc123"]

where the value of id is the meta_value. You could generate the shortcode so the user can easily copy/paste it into the editor. Or even have a custom made button in the editor to insert it.

You can check how it's done in other plugins like Contact Form 7:

[contact-form-7 id="50" title="My form"]


and Fast Secure Contact Form:

[si-contact-form form='1'] 


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Thanks for helping @birgire. I'm new to wordpress & worked this out when I turned my laptop off, so must be improving. Thanks again! – mattnewbie Mar 12 '13 at 16:46

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