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I'm looking for a way to update a wordpress website when I post something to a specific twitter or facebook account. Is it possible? Is there any plugin that do this?

I find only plugins that do the inverse, updating social networks from WordPress. What I'd like to do is to update WordPress from my social network accounts.

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I don't know of any. However, I will point out this could negatively impact your site - if it is just full of a bunch of Tweets and status updates. – AndrettiMilas Mar 8 '13 at 18:09
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You can do this with the If This Then That service.

You will have to enable posting via XML-RPC (enabled by default in WP 3.5+), Then you can create a recipe which uses Twitter or FaceBook as the trigger, and WordPress as the action. If you poke around, someone has probably already created these recipes.

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