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Is there a plugin that will post directly to your facebook feed and twitter account? I'm not looking for a plugin that adds buttons to my post for different services, I want the plugin to publish the content directly to Twitter and Facebook upon the first publish.

I've tried Wordbook (x2), Wordbooker, and a ton of others, doesnt seem like it should be that hard.

Any ideas?

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Otto has some great plugins for facebook and twitter. The one is Simple Facebook Connect (Wordpress Plugin) the other is Simple Twitter Connect (Wordpress Plugin).

I think you're looking for this functionality: Automatically Publish new posts to Facebook Profile or Fan Page and for Twitter: Auto-tweet new posts to an account. Both are offered by the plugins.

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Both plugins don't seem to exist anymore. The links are dead / lead to the searchpage for plugins ... are there new alternatives? Is it now part of wordpress ootb features? –  Hinek Dec 27 '13 at 8:07

I use Twitter Tools to post directly to Twitter, and I have Twitter integrated with Facebook using the direct integration tools of Facebook's Twitter app. This allows my posts to be syndicated via Twitter (and then to Facebook) and allows me to continue sending Twitter messages (which then go to Facebook).

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Thanks, but Im not looking to register my blog as an application through twitter or facebook –  barfoon Aug 25 '10 at 17:20
Then you can't do it, at least not for twitter. That's the only way. –  John P Bloch Aug 25 '10 at 17:23
You used to be able to post just based on your Twitter username and password, but Twitter has changed their API and no longer allows that. You are required to register your blog as an application now. But it's quick, free, and there are step-by-step instructions to walk you through it. –  EAMann Aug 25 '10 at 17:47

I know you stated that you do not want to register your blog as an application, but there are several plugins as well as other services that will update your blog posts to your social media accounts. Check out the article on mashable

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The Facebook Notes application will auto update your Facebook page wall every time you publish a new post. You just need to add your feed address to notes and subscribe to it.

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I use WordTwit for Twitter which does a nice job of autoposting. It lets you style the format a little of how the tweet is worded, lets you use your bit.ly account for link shortening, and does UTM tracking codes too.

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