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I am looking to call a new javascript function only after a new comment has been made by a user. Specifically, I want to include new javascript on the resulting page of the page reload after submitting the new comment form on a blog post.

Does anyone know how to do this?

My end goal is that I want to make a call using Mixpanel's (http://www.mixpanel.com) javascript API call and make an event called "Comment added" for a specific user. I know how to do the mixpanel side of things but am confused by the this specific use case of wordpress.

Thanks in advance!

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I am not so clear where exactly you would want to "inject" this JS . "After a new comment has been made" , in WP terms and php workflow, can mean several things . (for example when the $POST request is made , when the action is triggered ,when it is getting checked, sanitized , when it is inserted to the DB etc etc ..)

Anyhow ,you will need to search for the right wp actions / filters that you can hook into , like the comment_post action ( unfortunately undocumented in codex - GIYBF ) ,or the comment_post_redirect filter (Also undocumented in codex) or wp_insert_comment action (runs AFTER comment inserted to DB) and use those actions to include the JS ..

for example :

add_action ('comment_post','my_comments_js_function');// runs when comments are POSTED

and then

// do your JS stuff.

But like I said, it is not really clear to me what exactly you want and WHEN .

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Thanks Krembo, This should help me get started! As far as 'when', I believe the best time would after the comment has been added to DB and when the page is reloaded to show the new comment. Either way, I appreciate the help! – Danny Dover Mar 7 '13 at 17:11

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