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One of our devs left last week and I inherited some tasks for one of his projects. I've never really worked with WordPress and I am not overly familiar with PHP (I am an app dev), so I am completely lost here. Basically, our Facebook feed (which is using the Facebook Feed Grabber plugin) will not display. When I went into the admin panel in our testing environment, it said the following:

enter image description here

I am assuming this is the issue. We cannot cache any data therefore no data can be displayed. The path is relative to the old dev's work env and I cannot get it to change. After some digging, I found a line in the facebook.php class that seems to be the setting for that option.

'cache_folder' => WP_CONTENT_DIR. '/uploads/cache/',

I also tried changing that to content_url( 'uploads/cache' ) as well and ended up with the same result. Could anyone point me in the right direction?

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Change your permission to 664 to the uploads and its cache directory inside. Learn more here.

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