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Any idea on what would be the easiest way to integrate BuddyPress with Facebook?

I'm looking for a solution that would enable a BP custom profile that easily gets pre-filled with values from Facebook after the user does a "Connect with Facebook". Some way of mapping FB graph objects to BP profile.

If it's not available I will probably start the work on creating one so if you have any ideas or tips then that would also be useful.

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The short answer is: kinda?

To sync wall activities: http://buddystream.net/

To use Facebook Connect for logging in: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/bp-fbconnect/

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That said, I'm quite curious as to what you come up with. It doesn't appear there are any real good ways of doing what you want yet. – aendrew Apr 29 '11 at 6:08

Have you look at this amazing premium "BuddyPress Facebook Connect+" plugin from BuddyDev?

Basic Features:-

  • It allows seamless login/registration on BuddyPress site using Facebook as the authentication source
  • It works with WordPress Multisite as well as WordPress Standard, with BuddyPress enabled.
  • It allows Importing users Facebook data to BuddyPress profile
  • Site Administrators Can map Facebook profile fields to BuddyPress profile fields
  • Completely localized (not just BuddyPress, but also the Facebook connect sections are localized)
  • It uses new Facebook api, so obviously It is very lightweight
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Are you affiliated with this? – kaiser Nov 16 '12 at 20:26

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