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I am using the Slideshow plugin 2.2.7 by Stefan Boonstra and am adding the shortcode to a custom wp_editor() metabox.

When I echo the slideshow plugin with:

echo do_shortcode( $banner ); /* $banner contains the shortcode string */

All I get is the string:


on the webpage. I would appreciate some help on how I might get this to work or any alternatives that will work as well. This seems to be the best slideshow plugin around in terms of ease of use and efficiency.

The plugin homepage is here:


Thanks, nav

Edit p.s. This question has been cross posted on the wordpress forum here.

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Please go back and format your question properly: The WYSIWYG editor offers options to format code as such and wrap links. Also add the link to your cross posted question here and add it there as well. Thanks. – kaiser Mar 5 '13 at 13:23

The author of the plugin gave an answer to my question and so I am reposting his answer here:

You're halfway there, you just need to go to the slideshow's settings and set 'Avoid content filter' to 'No'. Best regards, Stefan

Hope that helps. nav

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