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Using Wordpress 3, creating write panels with Magic Fields, how do I add custom fields to my RSS feed?

For example, I have an 'image of the day' write panel, with a custom field for the photo credit. How can I include all that as part of my feed?


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you can use something like this

function feed_magic_fields( $content ) {
  global $post, $id;

  if ( !is_feed() )
    return $content;

  // is feed
  $date = get('date_event');
  if( $date)
    $content .= $date

  return $content; 

add_filter( 'the_content', 'feed_magic_fields' );
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thanks for adding some code, that's basically what I meant no need to global $post, $id btw. – hakre Aug 27 '10 at 21:21

You can hook into your feed with the according filters and then add your stuff.

Basically that codex page suggests (and that's still valid, you find the feed templates inside /wp-includes/, the files start with feed-) that you hook into the_content and you check with is_feed() if you need to modify the content for the feed.

To save you some hassles, you can register your whole plugin to activate on the do_feed_rss2 (or whichever you use) hook, so you do not need to check for is_feed().

The contents of magic fields (custom fields to be precise) can be read out with existing functions, you find the documentation here: Custom Fields.

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