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The navigation menu closes immediately upon moving the mouse outside of the menu item's area. How can I introduce a delay that will keep it open a second or less to keep visitors from becoming frustrated when trying to navigate to submenu items?

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This is my question, but apparently I used a temporary login to create it so I can't comment (versus this "answer").... I used the suggestion by helgatheviking as a starting point and found a WP plugin (cleverly named "Superfish Menus") that added Superfish effects to my nav menu. However, I get the fade effect but NO delay. I even tried to manually adjust the code for a 10-second delay and it doesn't honor a delay at all. Does anyone know of a reason that the stock WP menu system in 3.5.1 would not allow this delay? – WebDevKev Mar 4 '13 at 15:01
Please see help > merge user profiles if you want duplicate accounts merged. – Rarst Mar 4 '13 at 16:03

Superfish is a script that will add a delay to the hover action. It is used in a lot of themes, for instance I know it is used in the Thematic Theme. Untested, but I think this is how you'd apply it (based on the docs).

function wp88740_enqueue(){
  wp_enqueue_script('hoverintent', get_stylesheet_directory() . '/scripts/hoverIntent.js' );
  wp_enqueue_script('superfish', get_stylesheet_directory() . '/scripts/superfish.js' );

function wp88740_initialize(){ ?>

// initialise Superfish

        $("#access ul.menu").superfish();

<?php }
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