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I have a div that displays the total amount of products the customer has in their cart, however this isn't updating as I have caching on (W3 Total Cache).

Is there a workaround for this?

Cheers, Steve

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Read the WooCommerce docs. I've run in to this before, and the following pages cannot be cached:

  • Cart
  • My Account
  • Change Password
  • Edit Address
  • View Order
  • Checkout
  • Pay
  • Order Received
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I believe you do not need to exclude your cart and other pages listed. There is a note at the bottom of the doc you linked to that states:

Note, WC 1.4.2+ sets the DONOTCACHEPAGE constant which should mean you can skip this step

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First, try these common Solutions that have worked for others:

Disable your caching plugin (which can cause the JS to stop working) and see if that fixes it

Try using a different browser but as a user, not ADMIN

Go to your WooCommerce settings page and Untick "Prepend product permalinks with shop base page (shop)"

Allow your browser to accept cookies and make sure javascript is enabled

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You would need to use what's called "fragment caching" to regenerate only part of the page each time. http://css-tricks.com/wordpress-fragment-caching-revisited/

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Another problem I've found with W3 Total Cache v. WooCommerce is setting Minify / CSS minify settings to enable. This will break the drop-down lists on the checkout pages for countries and states on some of the WooThemes (like Kaboodle).

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That's not an answer. –  James Bruce Oct 27 '13 at 9:45
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