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I have a new client who did "something, I can't remember what" to her blog. Now when you visit the home page, it redirects to a page she created and deleted, "/road-maps/". I have no idea why it started doing this, or how she got it to do this. She has no FTP access and did something solely in the Wordpress back office. I located the deleted page in the trash and deleted it permanently but it still redirects. I disabled every plugin and it still redirects to there. I exported the database and looked for instances of "road-maps" anywhere inside it and found only two places - the temporary redirect that I put in place to a static page while I try and fix the problem, and the references to the page in the site tracking logs. Nothing else. I looked in .htaccess and it looks fine, no mention of "road-maps". I SSHed into the site and did a global search for "road-maps" and found nothing. I'm at my wit's end. Where could this redirect possibly be coming from? And how do I remove it? Thanks so much.

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You can try a number of things.

  1. Delete the .htaccess file in the WordPress root directory.
  2. Visit: Dashboard -> Settings -> Permalinks -> Save Changes
  3. Visit: Dashboard -> Settings -> Reading -> Front page displays Select an appropriate page. Then click "Save Changes".

You could also read my answer to the question (How do I redirect a Wordpress Page?) posted on WPSE as another possible solution.

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