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Thesis appears to automatically add the sub-menus (sub-menu ul) to menu parents if childs exists. I have a specific need to remove this html from a particular menu.

The menu name is: second_level

Not sure if there a hook to do this.

I'm trying to remove these from the menu name above.

<ul class="sub-menu">...</ul>

I'm not trying to remove the class but the UL's.

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Thesis is a commercial Theme. Have you tried DIY Themes support? – Chip Bennett Feb 20 '13 at 2:25
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You can change nav menu args via the wp_nav_menu_args filter.

So let's say you have a theme that does something like this...

    'theme_location'   => 'second_level',
    'depth'            => 2, // how many levels to show
    // prolly some other stuff here

You can hook into wp_nav_menu_args, check for the theme location, and set depth to be 1 and remove submenus.

add_filter('wp_nav_menu_args', 'wpse87565_change_depth');
function wpse87565_change_depth($args)
    if (!empty($args['theme_location']) && 'second_level' === $args['theme_location']) {
        $args['depth'] = 1;

    return $args;
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