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in archive.php file, I want to know, which type of archive I i'm in. For example, if I i'm in archive for category Personal I'd like to be able to display it in header of the archive. Of course, I can create file like category-12.php, category-13.php ... and then harcode it in the file, but it doesn't seem to be very good example of code reuse. Thanks for answers.

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Inspect get_queried_object().

On an archive for the category Uncategorized you get something like …

stdClass Object
    [term_id] => 1
    [name] => Uncategorized
    [slug] => uncategorized
    [term_group] => 0
    [term_taxonomy_id] => 1
    [taxonomy] => category
    [description] => 
    [parent] => 0
    [count] => 8
    [cat_ID] => 1
    [category_count] => 8
    [category_description] => 
    [cat_name] => Uncategorized
    [category_nicename] => uncategorized
    [category_parent] => 0

… and on an archive for the tag test

stdClass Object
    [term_id] => 18
    [name] => test
    [slug] => test-2
    [term_group] => 0
    [term_taxonomy_id] => 18
    [taxonomy] => post_tag
    [description] => 
    [parent] => 0
    [count] => 1

So you can test if a property taxonomy for that object exists and what the value is. Then adjust your template.

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