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I would like to use a contact form (contact form 7/secure contact form/etc) and use the data that people send to create a "premium area" where only specific users will have access.

Let's say that I am getting these fields: Name, Email, Favorite book, Favorite movie and attached file.

I saw there is a plugin that works with contact form 7 and sends the information to different CRMs but I don't want to use a paid CRM for the moment because I am looking for a free solution.

I alse thought about using another plugin extension that makes the info from the contact form, as a table in the database. Then I can create a page and limit the access to it. But then I have a problem that I don't know how to store the attached file in the database..

Do you have an advice? Maybe some other solution or a similar way to what I sugguested that will let me store all details together in one place and give access only to certain people..?

Many thanks for your help.

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The Fast Secure Contact Form has built-in data export functionality. If I understood you correctly, this provides you with all you need for your plans.

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