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I am looking for some examples and best strategies to make a custom pdf invoice with WP plugin contact form 7 data.

For this, i am trying out the tcpdf library as i need to create a simple barcode per invoice as well.

Any tips or info?


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Without seeing your code, or knowing exactly what data you are trying use (and from where) within your generated PDF its a little hard to help. We need more information...

However, I've recently worked with both, TCPDF and HTML2PDF (which uses TCPDF internally) and I preferred TCPDF directly because HTML2PDF was giving me a hard time when working with HTML5 markup.

Despite all this, I switched over to DOMPDF on a current project and am quite happy with the results.

You might not need anything like DOMPDF or HTML2PDF if you want to generate PDF documents from data strictly contained within the database. TCPDF should be ok, DOMPDF is also acceptable too.

For TCPDF barcode generation see this example use;

http://www.tcpdf.org/examples/example_027.phps (1D barcode)
http://www.tcpdf.org/examples/example_050.phps (2D barcode)

For DOMPDF barcode generation you need this class;


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hi tx, i am going to play around with TCPDF. I using WPCF7 to collect some data and with $wpcf7_data->posted_data i like to populate the invoice pdf, which should emailed as an attachment. –  alex Feb 15 '13 at 14:22

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