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I have a Q&A site in which people can ask experts different questions. Some questions are addressed to a specific expert so I insert the post under their authorship. However, there is also a General option which should allow all the experts to answer the question.

Is there a way to open specific posts to all users which has a role of author?

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I have been using the RoleScoper plugin to allow certain people to edit a page or a post. You can also set it to let people (or roles) edit a page or post if it is under a certain category. It's pretty good, and pretty easy to operate. You would just select the page/post/category and then select who has access to edit it (either my username or a whole role)

It is also free, if you want more features there is a paid version called "Press permit" although, RoleScoper has suited my needs well and the code is still kept up on.

I hope this helps

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Thanks. However, RoleScoper seems like a bit of an overkill. I hope there is a simpler solution – Matanya Feb 14 '13 at 21:23

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