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I have a site that must be deployed in a WP Multisite environment but none of the code in the site uses WordPress at all. How can I intercept WordPress, perhaps at 'init', and tell it to stop doing anything and let me take over?

I tried just putting everything in my index.php file and include everything manually from there. However, this results in the <head> of my page being loaded within the body. So it's obvious that I need to interrupt WordPress before it can run wp_head(), but don't know how this might be done.

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You could hook init and check the current blog ID

function wpa85780_my_app_init(){
    $my_blog_id = 99;
    if( $my_blog_id == get_current_blog_id() ):
        include 'somefile';
add_action( 'init', 'wpa85780_my_app_init' );

This will exit before WordPress does the main query and loads the template.


a slightly earlier action you could hook is after_setup_theme, that seems to be the earliest that get_current_blog_id will work. See the action reference page for the order of actions.

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Thanks Milo - you were right that after_setup_theme was needed to intercept. – cantera25 Feb 13 '13 at 19:37

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