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I have this while loop in my product page with Wordpress e-commerce plugin. It is looping through custom post meta.

<?php if (wpsc_have_custom_meta()) : ?>
    <?php $count = 2; ?>
    <?php while ( wpsc_have_custom_meta() ) : wpsc_the_custom_meta(); ?>
    <?php if (stripos(wpsc_custom_meta_name(),'g:') !== FALSE) continue; ?>
        <a href="#tab<?php echo $count; ?>"><?php echo wpsc_custom_meta_name(); ?></a>
    <?php $count ++; ?>
<?php endwhile; ?>
<?php endif; ?>    

I repeat this twice. Once to iterate through tab titles and once through the tab body. But for some reason the second instance of the while loop won't work. If I delete the first instance then the second one works as expected but as soon as I have to examples of it then it no longer works. Thanks for the help.

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It doesn't appear possible to loop over the values multiple times without directly manipulating the current_custom_meta class var so that wpsc_have_custom_meta() will return true again. Give this a try before the second while loop:

global $wpsc_custom_meta;
$wpsc_custom_meta->current_custom_meta = -1;
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You are a wizard. Thanks! –  motleydev Feb 12 '13 at 17:09

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