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Since I am new to wordpress plugin development I have been examining internal structure of many plugin's and I could find most of them doesnt fit any pattern and understanding how they works is pretty much difficult. I was wondering if there is more generalised way of plugin development, possibly with a framework, other than the methods discribed in official documentation.

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Have you read my article about OCP? I'm already at the point where I say that there's no framework that will always work out. – kaiser Jul 10 '13 at 20:31
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AFAIK, there's no official/standard framework, and there will be as many plugin development styles as there are shades of white in north pole.

I'd say WordPress Coding Standards is a blueprint for a good style.

You'll find lots of good examples and excellent coders here in WPSE. A nice starting point: questions/tagged/plugin-development.


Nowadays, I use Plugin Class Demo from @toscho as base for many plugins.

Right now, @Pippin is doing a series Introduction to WordPress Plugin Development 101 that may be of interest.

[ update, thanks to @Wyck contribution, a list of helper-plugins/boilerplates/frameworks ]

Plugin scbFramework, by @scribu:

A set of useful classes for faster plugin development.
This is a plugin toolkit that helps developers write plugins faster. It consists of several classes which handle common tasks, such as generating settings pages, creating database tables and more.

WordPress-Gear > PHP Boilerplate > Plugin stuff

  1. Plugin boilerplate by @tommcfarlin
  2. Object Oriented Plugin Template
  3. Settings framework by @gilbitron
  4. scbFramework - Classes for plugin dev
  5. WordPress Settings API - by @tareq_cse
  6. WP MVC - MVC framework to create plugins
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I would also mention wordpress.org/extend/plugins/scb-framework and there are some listed here under PHP Boilerplate: wpgear.org – Wyck Feb 12 '13 at 0:57
@Wyck, top class stuff, thanks, added. – brasofilo Feb 12 '13 at 1:57

Two more newer frameworks are:

Both share similarities with Laravel.

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I believe Sunrise (http://gndev.info/sunrise/) is the kind of thing you're asking for. It's relatively new, and I haven't used it myself, so I offer no recommendations. However, it looks quite promising. It's available on WordPress plugin directory as a plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/sunrise/.

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Sorry, but this is about deployment and not development. – kaiser Jul 10 '13 at 20:29

You can also generate your personalized version of Tom's Plugin boilerplate here.

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You can check this one is very simple and basic base structure. https://github.com/softmixt/simple-wordpress-plugin-framework

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