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I accidentally deleted all my pages and posts from my wordpress admin. I was trying to delete some dummy data that one of my plugins installed on the website and wham!, all my posts and pages were gone.

In the wordpress dashboard, my uploads are not showing but when I looked in the folder on my server, they were all there. Why is is showing on the server but not in the wordpress admin?

I never backed up too. Now, what should I do to get everything back?

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Posts (including both blog posts and static pages) are stored in the database, not as files on the host. So, if you deleted them without first backing them up, you can't get them back.

You might check the Trash, to see if they're been trashed but not actually deleted. Otherwise, if you don't have a backup, they're gone. You might be able to recover some of the content from a search engine cache (e.g. Google), but that's about it.

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