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I have used this function below for a while now on normal WordPress installs.

It simply blocks users with specific user roles, and redirects them to the home page of the site.

function wpse23007_redirect(){
  if( is_admin() && !defined('DOING_AJAX') && ( current_user_can('subscriber') || current_user_can('media') ) ){

But when I install this on a sub theme in my WordPress Multisite, even though I am a superuser, it is blocking me from the dashboard of my sub theme.

Can anyone help me understand why this is and how to change the above so it doesn't block me?

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All your role checks are relative to the user roles in the sub site in which I assume you are not a user. You should also check for is_super_admin()

  if( !is_super_admin() && (is_admin() && !defined('DOING_AJAX') && ( current_user_can('subscriber') || current_user_can('media') ) ) ){
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Works perfect thank you! – Joshc Feb 6 '13 at 9:30

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