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This is more a question about the idea I am going to share and ask for advice for.

I would like to have a contact form on my site, where people complete their data and it gets stored inside a database.

I want to have the option that they include a file (any file up to 5mb - pdf, doc, exe, etc..). This needs to be stored in the database or somewhere else as well.

Then I want to provide people the access to this database with info and files, and grant the access with a user/password or by IP.

Do you know what are my options? Did you have any experience with a plugin that does that? I saw one plugin that stores the data in a db, but not sure how to combine all three points I mentioned here.

Advice will be appreciated. Many thanks.

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Seems like a file manager of some sort with membership features plugged in. check this article for list of file management plugins http://www.wpmayor.com/plugin-reviews/best-document-file-management-plugins-wordpress/

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I'll check now. Many thanks! –  tomastsc Feb 4 '13 at 17:59
maybe you know how can I make that with a contact form plugin like Fast Secure or Cotact Form 7? –  tomastsc Feb 8 '13 at 19:08
Always quote the most relevant part of an important link, in case the target site is unreachable or goes permanently offline. Check How to Answer page. Also third party plugin suggestions are offtopic help center –  тнє Sufi Jun 13 at 13:52

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