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I need to get a different requirement, where a particular user need to set as default contributor.

I'm not sure whether wordpress actually makes a user default. But for now i need to make a user as default contributor to all the posts, posted on the Blog.

Question is : How to set a user as default Contributor?

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What do you mean by "default contributor"? When someone registers you want them to be set to "contributor" role? – s_ha_dum Feb 4 '13 at 14:42

It sounds like you want to change the Author for existing posts.

If this is the case, in your Admin screen, go to

Posts | All Posts

and place a checkmark next to whichever posts you want to reassign the Author. Then, near the top, in the Bulk Actions dropdown, select Edit and click Apply. You'll see something similar to the image below. Select the appropriate Author from the dropdown shown.

enter image description here

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