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I would like to achieve the following:

  • all the content is displayed on 1 page (the front page)
  • the content is organized in sections
  • the content for each section can be edited separately
  • each section has a corresponding link in the top menu
  • when clicking on a menu item, the browser scrolls down to the corresponding section on the page

And here are my questions:

Is there a technical term to describe these sort of websites (I've seen a few around)? Can you mention some plugins that would help me achieve this?

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I think you are talking about a "Single Page Interface". What you are asking isn't really answerable here. It is a big project which I'd count as "work for me for free" making it off-topic per the faq. Plugin recommendations are also off-topic per the faq. Sorry. – s_ha_dum Feb 4 '13 at 15:02

if there isnt any dinamic content you can just create a HTML page with anchor links:

1-Create a link pointing to the anchor (Content)

<a name="allin"></a> 

2-Create the anchor itself (menu).

<a href="#allin">Link here</a>

Although i must confess i might not understood what you want/need.

Edited1: With some css you can keep you menu along all the vertical content while your doing the scroll page, you might use jquery to do some smoth transitions..etc... But as s_ha_dum said your question is to wide you need to start with some code work.

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