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My site has Genesis framework and a child theme. I want to show specific category posts on my home page content area. I used the simple post query


in my genesis/lib/structure/loops.php file right above the do_action( ‘genesis_before_post’ );, but it makes no sense . So at last I used this grid loop but using this I am still unable to show category specific posts on home page as it is not taking the category attribute.

The main problem is this: by clicking on a particular post link the post doesn’t open on a separate page it redirects to the same page.

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First - Do not alter the core. Second - These links may help you with what you need to achieve. – vajrasar Feb 4 '13 at 13:02

Also using query_posts() is highly discouraged. If you need a second loop, use new WP_Query() or if you want to adjust the main loop then use pre_get_posts. If you home page is not a static page, then this should work regardless of what theme you use. (Goes in functions.php... preferably a child theme if you are working with a framework)

function wpa84417_include_cat( $query ) {
    if ( is_home() && is_main_query() ) {
        set_query_var( 'cat', '33' );
add_action( 'pre_get_posts', 'wpa84417_include_cat' );
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You could also code it this way:

function wpsites_genesis_home_category( $query ) {
    if ( is_home() && is_main_query() && !is_admin()) {
        query_set( 'cat', '33' );
add_action( 'pre_get_posts', 'wpsites_genesis_home_category' );
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