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im using NextGen gallery for my gallery images, i want to display in archive page first 4 images from the galley atached to the post.

Ex: i have this code that retrive me the galery..

    foreach ( get_field ( 'galerie_seriale' ) as $nextgen_gallery_id ) :
        if ( $nextgen_gallery_id['ngg_form'] == 'album' ) {
            echo nggShowAlbum( $nextgen_gallery_id['ngg_id'] ); //NextGEN Gallery album
        } elseif ( $nextgen_gallery_id['ngg_form'] == 'gallery' ) {
             echo nggShowGallery( $nextgen_gallery_id['ngg_id'] ); //NextGEN Gallery gallery

Please see the picture http://i49.tinypic.com/wwdkd0.jpg

I want to be able to get in archive page only 4 picture, first 4 pictures, last.., something like this http://www.tvblog.ro/seriale-tv/

I search

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Do you use a good code editor? Like NotePad++, SublimeText... Drop the plugin folder in it and search for function nggShowGallery, there are parameters and filters that may be useful. –  brasofilo Feb 3 '13 at 21:10
I use Dreamweaver Cs6 –  Batman Feb 3 '13 at 23:07

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thI found a solution i think

    //Show 6 random images using 'my-template' from gallery 4
    //(order, number of images, template, gallery ID)
    echo nggShowRandomRecent('order', 6, 'my-template', 24);

This code it retrive me 6 images, now the question is : how can i put custom_field inside that function..

EX: 24- is the id of the galeryy.. I select the galerry with custom_field - galerie_seriale

How can i put it togeder?

I came UP with this code, it retrive me the galley.. now the question si .. is corect made?

$poze = get_field('galerie_seriale');
if ($poze) {
    echo nggShowRandomRecent('order', 4, 'my-template', $gallery_field );

This code it retrive me the galery but for other post it retrive me the same..

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