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I don't want to ask the user to install this and that plugin, I want my theme to be 100% active active without the need to install a plugin like wp-postviews plugin, so how can i do that. I want to include it directly in functions.php file? Thanks in advance.

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That was so easy! I just included the plugin folder in my theme Then i included it.

 include(your-theme-path . 'wp-postviews/wp-postviews.php');

That was it!

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You could include the particular plugin in your theme directory and then fire a function on after_switch_theme:

add_action( 'after_switch_theme', 'fwp_theme_setup' );
function fwp_theme_setup(){ 

You should also take a look at after_setup_theme always runs

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Thanks for taking the time, but it doesn't work, I found a solution though, you can find it in my answer below. – Rahman Sharif Feb 1 '13 at 22:35

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