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For security, I changed the CPanel password for an account via WHM. There's a checkbox option that says "Sync MySQL password with account password."

If I go ahead and change the password, does that create a problem for WordPress that's installed on that domain?

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If that changes the MySQL password that WordPress is using, and it sounds like it does, then yes you will have a problem, but not a big one. You'd need to edit wp-config.php and change define('DB_PASSWORD','oldpass'); to define('DB_PASSWORD','newpass'); Beyond that, the question is a CPanel question and would be off topic here.


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While it's Cpanel related, the main concern is WordPress and the reason I posted it here. Thanks for your response and I'll check out the config file. Cheers! – TechWire Feb 1 '13 at 5:43
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Actually, just found out that it doesn't. Here's the doc from Cpanel directly


Sorry, now that I know the answer, this definitely isn't WordPress related.

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