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I need to show the pedigree or lineage of an animal in my wordpress site.

Currently I have the animals set up as custom post types, with data inserted using the amazing Advanced Custom Fields plugin.

I can't really find any good plugins for this that do it well, especially those that can output standards compliant HTML and usable CSS without tables.

Even if it's a list item, that's cool, I can work out the CSS.

But what would be the best way of inputting an animal's lineage / pedigree, up to 4 levels deep (eg: 1)Parents 2)Grand parents 3)Great Grand Parents 4) Great Great Grand parents

Really appreciate your help on this one!


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From Wikipedia

Animalia is the taxonomic kingdom comprising all animals (including human beings).

From the Codex

Taxonomy is one of those words that most people never hear or use. Basically, a taxonomy is a way to group things together.

For example, I might have a bunch of different types of animals. I can group them together according to various characteristics and then assign those groups names. This is something most people encounter in biology classes, and it is known as the Linnaean Taxonomy.

In WordPress, a "taxonomy" is a grouping mechanism for some posts (or links or custom post types).

Just use Categories -a type of taxonomy- to group and categorize them.

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Thanks for this - I've set up a bunch of Custom Taxonomies (Father, Fathers Father etc), and I enter these in on the custom post template. Cheers! – itsricky Feb 1 '13 at 1:17

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