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Can someone tell me how to get the time zone that is set in the WordPress Admin?

For example, if the blog is set to Eastern time, I need this exact string to print out:


This is for a function that lives in functions.php in my theme.

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if you need the gmt_offset then

<?php echo get_option('gmt_offset'); ?>

this will give you an integer like 2 or -2.

and if you need the timezone string use

<?php echo get_option('timezone_string'); ?>

this will give you a string like America/Indianapolis

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My timezone_string is in the database but it is empty, even after selecting a different timezone on the settings page. What might be the case? (WP3.6) –  user2019515 Sep 13 '13 at 22:48
Does gmt_offest take daylight savings into account based on the site's timezone setting? –  squarecandy Dec 19 '13 at 4:04

Check the Option Reference page. The option gmt_offset returns an integer. For example, if the timezone is set to Easter time, gmt_offset should be -5.

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+1 for great link, didn't know about it. –  Rarst Feb 3 '11 at 7:05

Don't think you're gonna get a string like US/Eastern without storing all the strings you want in an array and referring to them. Using PHP you can get the timezone abbreviation, ie EST; and if you have those values stored in an array with the strings you want, you can look them up.

<?php date_default_timezone_set(get_option('timezone_string'));

      echo date('T'); // will give you three-character string like "EST"

      $timezones = array (
          'EST' => 'US/Eastern',
          'CST' => 'US/Central',
          // etc, etc.

      echo $timezones ( date('T') ); // should be what you want.
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To add to Bainternet (I am adding this as an answer because I cannot comment -- I have less than 50 points on WP Development stack).

WordPress will only store a timezone string if you select a timezone string in the general settings. UTF selection is where it defaults in the list, but you can scroll way up to timezone strings. If you set a timezone string, both the UTF and the Timezone string will be set. They will be the same (meaning, the UTF gets reset to the new zone when you select a timezone string timezone).

(WordPress 4)

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