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I wish to style the active link (ie. when home page is selected that the home page link be a different colour)

.current-menu-item a { color: #36c; }

My test site is : www.milknhny.co.uk/ShopTest

I placed this in the CSS as i believe this was the class that i wished to change, however it does not appear to have worked.

Could i please ask where i have gone wrong on this?


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You will have to set #menuwrap ul li.current-menu-item a to the color and style you want.

The Problem is actually a CSS issue - because the CSS is more specific if an ID of an element is defined (like in your #menuwrap ul li a), so the above definition is even more specific and is used instead of the current one.

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thankyou so much for this! it worked :) – Kirsty Marks Jan 30 '13 at 8:48

This is your code for CSS:

#menuwrap ul li.current-menu-item a{ color: #36c; }

I would also suggest you to use Opera's Dragonfly, FireFoxe's Firebug or Chrome's Developer Tools to debug your CSS, JS and other things...

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