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I'm trying to add languages to my wordpress driven website and i installed xili-languages plugin. Unfortunately it uses lang param to differentiate between languages and i rather have seen something like rather than

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If you're not forced to use xili-language, I can suggest Polylang which is a very promising plugin. – gyo May 8 '13 at 8:03
This might help… – Mark Davidson Aug 9 '13 at 10:50
Agree with @gyo, Polylang is great, you should try if you've not gone too deep with xili-language. The thing you want is built in with Polylang. – ashpriom May 15 at 20:21

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You would like to write: so that wordpress understand :

I think it will be easier to use You need to write a new rule and a new tag in WP rewrite rules (Wordpress write those rules in your htaccess) with the functions add_rewrite_rules() and add_rewrite_tag().

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Set permalink to (Post Name)


Add following code to functions.php of your theme:

add_filter ( 'alias_rule', 'xili_language_trans_slug_qv' ) ;

function xl_permalinks_init () {
    global $XL_Permalinks_rules;
    if (class_exists('XL_Permalinks_rules') ) {
        $XL_Permalinks_rules = new XL_Permalinks_rules ();
        add_permastruct ( 'language', '%lang%', true, 1 );
        add_permastruct ( 'language', '%lang%', array('with_front' => false) );

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