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Hi guys :) I know there is the wpmu_new_blog action hook which enables us to perform an action when a new WPMU blog is created. Is there something similar to this which enables us to perform an action when a WPMU blog is deleted? Something which looks like this:

add_action('blog_deletion_hook', 'function_to_perform')

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Yes, inside /wp-admin/includes/ms.php there is the action hook delete_blog.

This test prevents a blog deletion:

add_action( 'delete_blog', 'prevent_blog_delete_wpse_82961', 10, 2 );

* @param int $blog_id Blog ID
* @param bool $drop True if blog's table should be dropped. Default is false.
function prevent_blog_delete_wpse_82961( $blog_id, $drop ) 
    wp_die( 'aborting delete_blog' );
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This did the trick, thanks! Although I ran into the problem that the action I wanted to perform on deletion didn't work with WPMU. I solved this by 'Network Enabling' the plugin. :) – Steef Jan 25 '13 at 0:10

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