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In front-page.php I have the following code:

<span class="amountOnline">
     <?php echo $cbMain->GetInfo()['Players'] . '/' . $cbMain->GetInfo()['MaxPlayers']; ?>

Which is a function in functions.php that calls from this script.It works perfectly.

But once I move this code from front-page.php to header.php, I get the following error:'

Notice: Undefined variable: cbMain in C:\Users\...\header.php on line 102

Fatal error: Call to a member function GetInfo() on a non-object in C:\Users\...\header.php on line 102

In functions.php, I have this function for example:

function get_cbMain_Query() {
  define( 'Main_SERVER_ADDR', '');
  define( 'Main_SERVER_PORT', 25565);
  define( 'Main_TIMEOUT', 1 );

  // require bloginfo('template_url') . 'inc/avatars/MinecraftQuery.class.php';
  require_once __DIR__ . '/includes/mcQuery/MinecraftQuery.class.php';

  Error_Reporting( E_ALL | E_STRICT );
  Ini_Set( 'display_errors', true );

  $Timer = MicroTime( true );
  $Query = new MinecraftQuery( );

    $Query->Connect( Main_SERVER_ADDR, Main_SERVER_PORT, Main_TIMEOUT );
  catch( MinecraftQueryException $e )
   // $Error = $e->getMessage();
   // echo 'error. <br>'. $Error;
  return $Query;


$cbMain = get_cbMain_Query();

So I can use functions in my static front-page.php file, but once I move this script to header.php, it does not work and gives an error. How do I fix this?

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Your class instance is not in the scope of header.php, you need global $cbMain before accessing member functions.

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The content of your header.php is called with get_header(), so all variales inside of this file act in another scope than the calling file.

So either get the variable from the global scope or build a wrapper in your functions.php to access the object from anywhere:

function get_cbmain() 
    static $instance = NULL;

    NULL === $instance and $instance = new MinecraftQuery;

    return $instance;

Now you can get the object instance with:

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Thank you! It seemed to work, kinda. Look at my edit and see how I set the code up. I can't just use new MinecraftQuery because I use two of these same classes. – devs Jan 22 '13 at 6:40

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