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I just found out that there are no javascript and css links in my header.php.



 * The Header for our theme.


 * Displays all of the <head> section and everything up till <div id="main">


 * @package web2feel

 * @since web2feel 1.0


?><!DOCTYPE html>

<html <?php language_attributes(); ?>>


<meta charset="utf-8">

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width" />



     * Print the <title> tag based on what is being viewed.


    global $page, $paged;

    wp_title( '|', true, 'right' );

    // Add the blog name.

    bloginfo( 'name' );

    // Add the blog description for the home/front page.

    $site_description = get_bloginfo( 'description', 'display' );

    if ( $site_description && ( is_home() || is_front_page() ) )

        echo " | $site_description";

    // Add a page number if necessary:

    if ( $paged >= 2 || $page >= 2 )

        echo ' | ' . sprintf( __( 'Page %s', 'web2feel' ), max( $paged, $page ) );


<link rel="profile" href="http://gmpg.org/xfn/11" />

<link rel="pingback" href="<?php bloginfo( 'pingback_url' ); ?>" />

<!--[if lt IE 9]>

<script src="<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/js/html5.js" type="text/javascript"></script>


<?php wp_head(); ?>

They appear in source view. Can anyone tell me where can I find my f. css and js? :D

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They are probably loaded in your functions.php file in your theme folder. Look for lines like:

For CSS: wp_enqueue_style( ... );

For JS: wp_enqueue_script( ... );

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They should be getting loaded on the wp_enqueue_scripts hook which is run during wp_head() – helgatheviking Jan 21 '13 at 13:37

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