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there is this website lolhappens similar to 9gag. This is a website built over wordpress.

How i am sure of this? check this link . Now to my best of knowledge this is a wordpress website where the images are shown as posts and their thumbnails(a fixed width and variable height) are shown of front page in a recent ones first order. Now here is my question:

How did they implement a front end image uploader that ultimately shows that images as a posts.And how can i achieve similar functionality . If there are more than one ways what would probably be the recommended. Is there a plugin that has such functionality out of the box?

Secondly is it also possible that the person who uploads the images sees a preview before finally clicking a button to it to the website

Thirdly they have to add a minimum number of tags (predefined tags and users cant add their own) and a tick that says it is adult pic or not before they can submit it .

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Plug-in recommendations are off topic per the faq. – Joseph Leedy Jan 19 '13 at 17:28
its just an addition to the original question. my main aim is to find how exactly it was implemented because i have little clue how to and i am trying to replicate the same thing into my website. – Danny Jan 19 '13 at 18:01

Lol happens uses feathered images so you can upload a pic , use as feathered image you can use this plugin http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-user-frontend/ to achieve that make a page called submit or something put the short code the plugin gaves you enable uploading feathered images and thats it or you can go with hard coding use this tut to make that http://voodoopress.com/how-to-post-from-your-front-end-with-no-plugin/ good luck

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You need to pair Auto Post Thumbnail Plugin with front-end image uploader. This plugins creates a post, sets featured image and even can insert image in post, whenever any image is uploaded from wordpress interface.

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