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I am new to WordPress and I would appreciate some cool advice here.

I have changed the header.php file in the Editor to include an image. I wonder if it is possible to automatically display one of 9 possible images depending on the date (ie. rotate them)

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The following code will cycle between the 9 pics. 1st day of the year = pic0, 2nd = pic1...359th = pic9, 360th = pic0, etc.

$pic_array = array(

$d = (int) date('z') % 9;
$todays_pic = $pic_array[$d];
echo $todays_pic;

Hopefully you're not changing a parent theme's header.php!

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Thanks ! Although it is probably not a perfect rotation, since on 31 of a month it will display image #4 and on the next day it will display image #1, however, it works for me. What do you mean "Hopefully you're not changing a parent theme's header.php!" ? – Wartin Jan 18 '13 at 2:25
Actually, my code rotation is based on the days of the year. So excess repeats will only occur on pic0-pic6 once per year, e.g, day 365 will be pic6 then day 1 will roll back to pic0 (but you probably won't be using same setup that long!) RE: not changing parent theme's header.php, soon as you update (on purpose, or by mistake) you'll lose any cusomizations. See the WordPress Codex on making child themes, pretty painless. There's even a plugin to automate it for you. – akTed Jan 18 '13 at 2:32
The reason I made it based on the year instead of the month is because of February. 28th would be pic0 and so would March 1st. If we were in March right now I probably would've used by month instead. :) – akTed Jan 18 '13 at 2:40

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